my name’s Ria Yulianti but my family usually call me Ririe and i’m leo, ha…ha……
You know, I begin to like about the computer and internet world since i was graduated from senior high school then became more interest since i met Anti, my friend, yupz…because of her too i become so freak of computer and internet, i wanna know all about computer programs and softwares, about the internet including create this blog, i think it’s very cool.
Anti also has blog at bheean.wordpress.com, you can get to know her by visiting it.

since i was graduated from high school i became very curious about everything, i found out everything i wanna know; about my self, about the world, about the past, about everything. i like to read books/novels especially the fiction story and also comics, ha…ha…that’s fun. Harry Potter, Lord of The Ring, Narnia are ones of my collections and also i like Sherlock Holmes.

i think that’s it about me.