Yeah, sometimes I just wonder how my future would be, is it good? Is it fun? Is it wonderful? I bet every person definitely wish for the best, but IT IS Allah’s TOP secret, for me and for the entire human being. All we have to do is live our life well, make effort, and pray.

I DO never know what my future will be, but there is “one thing” that I just want to know, is he gonna be there with me??? Becoming us? live it with me? through it with me? Share it with me? Walk together with me?

I know there is no answer for my questions right now? It’s a mystery that Allah keeps to give to us one day, in the right time. We can just do the best and pray well.


Dear, Allah my Lord, is he gonna be in my future?? that You give to me, leading me as an Imam, guide me to be better, teach me good things, and any of a good leader can be, for his family.

My Dear Allah, is he gonna be the one You send to me?? accompanying me in this universe, being together no matter what happen, through any of bitter sweet in this world.

Ya Allah, if he IS, make us one in to Your holy bond, make him sure that I’m the one good for him, and he’s good for me, make our family sure to both of us, have faith that we’re meant to be together.

But if he isn’t, don’t take a long time of letting us together, get us realize that we’re not meant to be together, don’t let me spend my times spending with the one that You don’t destined to be with me.

Then meet me with the one You’ve chosen for me, for being with me, for my entire whole life, the one who loves me more, the one who has been ready to get me as his wife, with the whole of his family welcoming me well.

I want a family who have been waiting for me, who already expect my come in to their son’s life, who allow me in time coming to their life, who want me and believe me in taking care of their son, who have been ready to own me as their family, who loves me like my own family.



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  1. i will say very thanks full to Allah if the one that mean together w/ you is me.

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