Everyone may knows that I love to read,
I love to write,
I love to watch movies,
I love to travel,

Everyone may knows that I like books,
Harry Potter,
Valentino Rossi,
Detective Conan,
Basket ball,

And some people may know that I dream to step my feet in Mahameru,
I dream to meet my idol Rossi,
I dream to be a writer,
I dream to work at advertising or magazine company,
I dream to join any event organizer,
to build my creativity in public,


But no one knows that I love to see your face,
I love to be by your side,
I love to accompanying you anywhere,

No one knows that I like your sweetness,
Your caring for me,
Your understanding,
Your maturity,
Your simple style,
Your hair,
Your cheek,

And no one knows that my big dreams is to live with you for the whole of my life,
To build a home sweet home with you and the children,
To be happy with you as a husband and wife, as a parents.

And only God knows how deep my love is for you.



About ririey2008

I'm just who i am

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  1. makasih yaa my dear, that one I know that your big love just for me,
    so am I, that all dream mentioned above, may Allah let it comes true for us, aamiin

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