I’ve got a slice of strawberry shortcake, mmm…it’s strawberry cheese cake actually, ok…strawberry cheese shortcake, hahaaa…that was from my friend and when I looked at that beautiful cake then I just want to write down everything on my mind about that. 

I took a picture of it before ate it because I just want to keep it on my eyes before it was gonna be in my tummy then, hahaaa…so I can still see it again later. You may say that I’m too much but it was such a beautiful cake and I love seeing that, cake plus strawberry, it’s so-called a lovely couple. Before, I only eat the strawberries alone or the cheese cakes or any cakes with no strawberry on it.

I like strawberry, I do really because it’s sweet, not the taste of course but from the look, it’s cute, pretty and also because of its sour taste; fresh up. Many people like it, sour, yupz…but tasty and refreshing. I used to think that it has a freak taste, hahaaa… I don’t know how to describe this freak word but I just don’t like it. I love its beautiful look but ain’t gonna eat it.

But then somehow I ate that fruit then I fall for it. Maybe it’s not “don’t judge a book by its cover” things because we know exactly it has a good cover and we do know what the inside, not really good actually, even bad inside, but this sour taste is a challenge, whether you can through it or not. It’s about do you have brave to taste and through this sour so you can know something a bit sweet while you chew it then something freshen you up at the end. Or are you too afraid to taste and to face it so you can’t know something good in it and coming for you. Sometimes people need to take a risk to see what is good even better for them, there must be something good behind the bad. You’ll never know until you find it out.

Yupz, then I like strawberry, her looks and her taste, yeah…what if we call it as her, because she’s beautiful. Strawberry described as a female thing, her shape is cute, her color is beautiful and her taste is sour-sweet.

Now, let’s get back to strawberry shortcake!! What do you eat first, the strawberry or the cake??? Me, because I like strawberry more so I eat the cake first. Yupz…save the best for the last and I guess for those who hold on to that words, just like me, will do the same way as I do, just want to enjoy the most amazing part at the final, it’s so-called a happy ending and i guess everyone loves it :). But it also depends on what you like more, if it the cake then you’ll eat strawberry first, on the other hand you’ll do my way.

But…if that’s so, it’s kind of gambling, hahahaaa…. Here, I mean…we don’t ever know what’s gonna happen, if we eat thing we like more at the last, then maybe it falls accidentally or anyone come and ask for it then we’ll have no chance to eat and taste the part we like more, it’s just gone. Or you’ll eat what you like more at the first, dont wanna lose the best moment, straight it forward, hahaa…

Maybe it’s better if we eat them both together at the same time so if something happen like fallen, at least we have tried and tasted it, them both, then we don’t need to regret.

Ok, about strawberry…Most of people describe strawberry by its true meaning, from the look and the taste just like sour, acid, sweet, red, pretty, spotted, small, besides…it’s also cute, mysterious, surprising, refreshing and girly I think. 😉


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  1. ethy says:

    hahhh…strawbery mang mnarik. Sama menariknya karakter stiap individu dr describe strawbery di tulisanmu rie… Prefer diletakkan duluan, belakangan / b’samaan, jelas m’gambarkan kepribadian si empuny…^_^

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