Sepang and all of the attendant has been being a witness for Lorenzo getting his first Moto Gp World Champion title yesterday, his point now 85 leading from the second position Pedrosa since he got injury in Motegi last week when free practice 1 was going on. That means whatever Lorenzo’s finishing position for the next last three races and even worst, like get crash, he’s still the 2010 Moto Gp world champion. Congratulation for him.

Pole position at Sepang is for Lorenzo, then Hayden and Dovizioso. In second row there were Spies, Stoner and Valentino Rossi. Pedrosa still had to get some rest for recovering his collarbone injury last week. Green light was on and Lorenzo moved on to the front, Dovizioso in his backside. Rossi down to eleventh position. Stoner got crash out of the race.

After a few lap, Lorenzo still in the front line then Dovizioso andRossi-Dovizioso-Lorenzo, from the third was Simoncelli with a long gap to Dovizioso. Rossi overtook all of his front riders one by one until finally he was behind Simoncelli who was still in third position. Then Rossi did pass Simoncelli, he was on third but still had a long gap to the second position, Dovizioso.

Then Dovi got overtake Lorenzo, he was leading then. Lorenzo seemed ride safely. Rossi was getting close to Lorenzo then passed him. Not take a long time, Rossi got overtake Dovizioso too and he was on top then. Dovizioso did overtake Rossi twice on a few last lap but Rossi got it back till the finish line. He’s the winner in Sepang, his second winner for this season and his 46th victory for him with Yamaha. He did great, started in six, down to eleven then moved up to the top, he is Great Of All Time.

Lorenzo win the championship, at least he finished nineth to get the title but he got three. Everybody congrats him and also the Rossi in Sepang, from motogp.comriders including Rossi and he finally stand in the first podium again after a long time since the first race in Qatar of this season. Lorenzo took out a kind of paper written “Game Over” then he did the victory lap brought a Spain flag. But then his ride was stop can’t moved because the flag he brought got stuck to his tire but then it’s moving again.

Finally Rossi felt the first podium again, with Dovizioso in second, also his second podium this season and Lorenzo, the new world champion in third. For the point, Rossi’s in third now, 47 off second place Dani Pedrosa. Casey Stoner is in fourth, 1 point below Valentino Rossi, so is Andrea Dovizioso who’s in fifth, 1 point below Stoner.

It’s three races left, Philip Island, Estoril and Valencia. For Lorenzo it’s maybe over here in Sepang, but for the other four riders; Pedrosa, Rossi, Stoner and Dovizioso, they still fight for second and third world standing position. And hopefully Pedrosa can join them on next race in Philip Island.

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