Motegi’s race, October 3rd 2010, was not about who the first winner is but more about them in third and fourth position. It seemed that Stoner’s gonna come out as a winner, his GAP to the second place, Dovizioso, was pretty far enough even getting far, so was second to the third.

Then our eyes went to number 46 and 99 who fought for the third place since the race started. Duo Fiat Yamaha, Rossi and Lorenzo fought for standing on the third podium. Lorenzo, who started at the second row, two numbers below Valentino Rossi who was in the second place, came up to the third position when the green light was on, in front of Rossi who was in the fourth position. Stoner and Dovizioso were first and second till the end of the race.

Lorenzo seemed really speed up his ride, didn’t want to be overtaken by The Doctor, so did Rossi, didn’t want to be left far away by his team mate, keep chasing him and won’t let Lorenzo run away of him, also proving his unbeatable ability I guess, especially from his junior team mate. Lap by lap finally the reigning world champion took over Lorenzo’s place, yupz…he was third then, chased by Lorenzo, wanted to take the third back from his rival mate.

But then he did it, after a few lap passed he took over Rossi’s place but only in a second Rossi took it back, Lorenzo failed. About three laps into finish line, they didn’t wanna lose each other, they pushed to the top, didn’t think about any risk even crash and get no point, they pushed their ride, wanna be the winner, not for the first place of course but for beating another.

Twice, their ride were collided, side by side, Rossi was in the inside, the two of them didn’t wanna give in, keep pushing their ride, speeding it up then Rossi was moving on while Lorenzo left behind, and finally they didn’t get crash, my heart was beating so fast watching them, what an amazing entertainment. Rossi won that war, till the finish line, he won the battle for the third, he got the podium and Lorenzo lost his podium for the second time.



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  1. Lol says:

    Actually Jorge did not have anything to lose and it was Rossi missing out. All of Jorge’s competitors are out and his points gap is big enough for him to just cruise to the finish and still win it. Rossi on the other hand has his 3rd place taken over by Dovizioso and he also wanted to show Jorge that this year’s title he is only getting it cause he was not around. Point proven. Talking of dirty and mentioning Gibernau, Stoner and Biaggi etc they were all bitter beaten rivals. Watch the clip and see who closed the door on who, Rossi always left room for Jorge to turn but Jorge didn’t. If you don’t want a dog to bite don’t start a fight!

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