Sam, Dean, and Bobby must deal with the aftermath of the Devil’s escape from Hell, and receive startling news from the Prophet Chuck.

Full Recap

Dean and Sam watch as Lucifer rises through the portal in the abandoned convent. They try to run but the doors slam shut on them, locking them in. They’re swept up in a blinding white light…

… and find themselves on a jet liner over Ilchester, where they just were. A blinding white light smashes up from the ground and envelops the plane. The air masks come down as the plane goes into a nosedive. Dean looks out the window into the light.

Later, the brothers are driving down the road and listening to a radio newscast about the emergency and denying it’s a terrorist attack. Other channels reveal a series of plagues and disasters sweeping the planet. Sam tries to speak abut Dean says that it’s okay and they need to keep their heads down and has things out. They wonder if the angels put us on the plane and then go looking for Castiel.

At Chuck Shurley’s house, the room is covered in blood and debris. The brothers arrive there and Chuck briefly attacks Sam before realizing who they are. He’s surprised to see them and admits that the last time he wrote about Sam, his eyes were black and his body was out of control. Dean is surprised to hear that Sam’s eyes were black, and Sam admits he didn’t know. Chuck explains that Castiel was destroyed by the archangel. Chuck starts to hear voices and realizes that the angels are coming. Zachariah and his associates arrive to inform Dean it’s time for him to come with them. He denies that they started Judgment Day, but admits they may have let it happen and Sam played a role. Now Zachariah figures they’re on the same team since they want the Devil dead. Dean isn’t willing to play along but Zachariah explains that Lucifer’s power defies description and they need to stop him before he finds a vessel to occupy. When Dean still refuses, Zachariah starts to come after him but notices that Dean’s hand is bleeding. Dean draws the banishing symbol, sending Zachariah and his agents back to Heaven.

Sam and Dean check into a hotel and equip themselves with hex bags to protect themselves from angels and demons. Sam makes them and admits he learned how to from Ruby. Dean wonders how Sam is doing and wonders if he needs blood. Sam says that he feels fine and whoever put him on the plane apparently cleaned him up. When Sam tries to bring up more of what happened, Dean tells him again he doesn’t have anything to say. Sam insists on apologizing anyway but admits it doesn’t do it justice and Dean snaps at him, telling him not to bring it up. They figure they have to treat it like any other hunt and figure out where Lucifer is.

Pike Creek, Delaware

A man, Nick approaches a house and walks through the front gate. The wind picks up, smashing the gate open and shut.

Nick wakes up in bed, covered in blood. However, when he turns on the light he discovers all the blood has vanished. He goes back to bed and realizes a woman is in the bed with him, covered in blood. She says that he’s been chosen. When Nick closes his eyes and opens them, the woman has vanished.

A girl, Becky, is writing Sam/Dean slash-fic when she gets a video message from Chuck. She insists she’s his number one and Chuck explains that he contacted her because she’s the only one who would believe him. He needs her to get a message to Sam and Dean but Becky thinks he’s mocking him because she knows they’re not real. However, Becky is thrilled to hear that they are when Chuck explains.

Becky goes to see Sam and Dean at their hotel. She’s taken aback to see them in the flesh but soon explains that Chuck is being watched by the angels and she has a message for them. She tells them Chuck’s message that the Michael Sword is on Earth and the angels have lost it. It’s in a castle made of 42 dogs.

The guys call in Bobby, who says the Sword of the Archangel Michael may be there only hope. Michael commands the Heavenly Host and is the one who sent Lucifer to Hell using his sword. They start reading but Sam starts apologizing again. He explains that Lilith was the final seal and when he killed her, he set Lucifer free. He admits he brought it all on and Bobby warns that kind of thing can’t be forgiven. He tells Sam that if they manage to stop Lucifer, to never contact him again. Sam leaves to do research at a church.

As they go over the books, Bobby admits that he never thought John was right about how they had to either save Sam or kill him. He wonders if it was right for them to let Sam live, and that the entire situation is on them. Dean gets an idea and goes through John’s good, and finds an address to Castle Storage at 42 Rover Hill. Somehow John had the Michael Sword all this time. Bobby, his eyes going black, knocks Dean to the ground. A female demon, Meg in a new body, walks in with another demon and picks up the demon-killing knife. She’s happy that Lucifer is back in the world road and explains that every demon wants Dean dead. She kisses him and gives the knife to Bobby, figuring letting him kill Dean will torture Bobby’s mental essence. Dean pleads with Bobby and the demon presence recedes. Bobby stabs himself, driving the demon out. Dean attacks Meg and the other demon and Sam arrives. Dean manages to take down his demon, pull the knife from Bobby, and kill it. He advances on Meg, who flees her host body and leaves it to collapse.

In Pine Creek, Nick is examining a room filled with baby toys in his house when the baby chair starts to swing on its own. He hears a baby crying from the box of baby toys and finds a baby monitor in the bottom. He finds the other one in the nursery, but the only thing is an empty crib. Blood starts pouring from the crib and Nick kneels, sobbing.

The Winchesters take Bobby to the local ER and Dean says they need to get Michael’s Sword before the demons do. Sam wants to stay by Bobby but has no choice but to give in. They drive to the storage locker and enter, ready for anything. Dead demons are scattered around the room and Zachariah are waiting for them. He explains that Dean and Sam delivered it to them. When Dean says they don’t have the sword, Zachariah explains that Dean is the Michael Sword, or rather, the vessel for Michael. When Dean mouths off, Zachariah snaps Sam’s leg with a gesture and warns that there’s worse if Dean doesn’t give in to his destiny and let Michael take his vessel. Then he can lead the angels against the Adversary. Zachariah warns that every human on Earth will die if Dean doesn’t agree, but Dean realizes there’s a reason Zachariah isn’t simply nabbing him. Michael needs his consent but Zachariah insists there must be a battle and Michael must lead it. When Dean refuses, Zachariah offers to heal Bobby. When Dean refuses, Zachariah inflicts stage-4 stomach cancer on him and offers to cure him. When Dean still refuses, Zachariah starts to make Sam’s lungs disappear. Dean dares him to kill them but Zachariah warns that he’s just getting started. However, a blinding light appears and Castiel appears to rip the throat out of one of Zachariah’s accompanying angels with a silver knife. Castiel fights the other angel and kill it, and Zachariah wonders how he can still be alive. Castiel agrees it’s a good question and how Dean and Sam ended up on the plane is another good question. Since they both know the angels didn’t do it, there’s only one other entity responsible. Zachariah is scared and Castiel tells him to put the Winchesters back together and go. Zachariah heals the brothers and departs.

Castiel warns that the Winchesters have to be careful. Lucifer is circling his vessel and the hex bags won’t be enough to protect them. Castiel touches them and places an Enochian Sigil on them to ward them against any and all angels, including Lucifer. Sam wonders if he was dead and Castiel admits that he was. They wonder how he managed it but Castiel simply disappears without answering.

Nick wakes up to hear someone whispering to him. He looks to the window and sees his dead wife Sarah. She says that he’s dreaming but it’s all real. She says that she’s an angel… Lucifer. Lucifer says that he’s a special vessel and he needs to take control of Nick, mind and body. Lucifer says it’s unpleasant but it has to be Nick’s choice, and explains that his crime was that he loved God too much. God betrayed Lucifer and punished him, just as God punished Nick him by letting a robber break into his home and butcher his family. Now Lucifer wants to hold God accountable for His actions. Nick asks if Lucifer can bring his family back but Lucifer admits that he can’t. However, he says he can give Nick justice. Lucifer says that he can’t lie and he doesn’t need to. Nick thinks back to the empty house and his dead family, and tells Lucifer “yes.” Light flares from the house after he agrees.

Sam and Dean go to see Bobby, who has learned the doctors don’t think he’ll walk again. Bobby doesn’t believe it and Sam wonders what they do now. Bobby figures all they can do is save who they can. Dean suggests they let the angels and demons fight it out on their own planet and kill as many of them as they can on both sides. However, he admits he has no idea how to do it, but that won’t let him stop it. As they leave, Bobby says that he knows what the demon said to Sam was the demon talking, not Sam. Bobby says he’ll never cut Sam out.

Outside, Sam suggests they get the Colt and use it on Lucifer. However, Dean says that while he fights, he figures they’ve got no chance. He says that Sam of all people know that and Sam asks if there’s something Dean wants to say to him. Dean finally admits that he tried, but he can’t keep pretending everything’s all right when Sam chose a demon over his own brother. He knows Sam is sorry but admits he depended on Sam and he let him down. Sam asks what he can do and Dean says there’s nothing he can do and they’ll never be what they were because he can’t trust Sam.



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