Smallville episode 5 of this new season 8 (committed) was great, awesome, cool, funny and also romantic.
Here’s the review :season8smallville1

Jimmy and Chloe are holding their engagement party and Lois is getting a little too drunk. She gets up on a stool to toast the couple and tells a story about a childhood moment with Chloe. Lois says that they promised each other never to get married unless they found their soulmate. She then says that should’t have taken a ten year old at her word. Clark gets her down and quickly gives his own toast. He says that he has never seen Chloe happier. Clark congratulates Jimmy and Chloe and the party goers toast and drink.

After the party, Chloe tells Jimmy how she is happy that he is accepting her relationship with Clark. They hug, but Jimmy still feels a little uneasy.
Nearby, a car light shines in their faces with a man standing in front. The man pulls out a tranquilizer gun and shoots both of them.

The next morning, Lois finds herself on a couch with a hangover at Clark’s farm house. She sees her dress dangling next to her. She wonders if anything happened between them last night and Clark says no. She finds out that she puked throughout the night and Clark drove her to his place. Lois remembers that she has an appointment with Chloe that morning.
Meanwhile at the Daily Planet, Tess’s secretary tells her that the email that she received from the blue crystal’s thief may be proof that Lex is still alive. Tess tells her to find who stole the crystal or she’s fired.

Tess goes into her office and finds Ollie in her chair. He asks her out to dinner and she agrees. Clark and Lois knock at Chloe’s door, but nobody answers. They see a trail of flower pedals leading to the bed. They also notice that the mail is unopened and lying near the door slot. Lois plays a message on the answering machine and she hears herself leaving a message saying that Clark is taking her home and that she thinks he is the sweetest boy ever. Lois quickly fast forwards to the next message, which is from the impound lot telling Jimmy and Chloe that their cars were brought in last night.
Meanwhile, Jimmy and Chloe wake up and find themselves tied back to back in a dark room. A voice tells them they will find out if they were truly meant to be together. The lights come on and they see a dead couple seated across from each other.

Later, they are strapped to the chairs and connected to lie detector sensors by a man wearing a translucent mask. The man connects electrical wires to their chairs. Chloe asks why they are going to be tortured and he says that he is doing them a favor. The man asks Jimmy if he ever cheated on Chloe. He says no and the lie detector needles begin to jump. The kidnapper presses on a hand held button and Chloe receives a jolt of electricity. Jimmy cries out to punish him and the man says that lies hurt the ones you love. Jimmy then admits to kissing Maxima earlier. The man then begins to turn the crank that recharges his shocking device.

Clark and Lois return to the Daily Planet and find that 3 other engaged couples have vanished recently. Lois says that the police will not consider Chloe and Jimmy missing until 48 hours has passed. They discover that the couples went to several of the same wedding vendors so they take off to investigate each one. After questioning a few shop owners, Clark is discouraged due to their lack of progress working together. He suggests that Lois go back to the Daily Planet, but she has another idea. She tells Clark that they should pose as a newly engaged couple to act as bait.
clois1 They go to a jewelery store and pretend to be a loving couple. The salesman shows them a ring and says that it will solidify a bond between husband and wife. Ollie walks in and wonders what Clark and Lois are doing there. They tell him that they are getting married. They run off and tell him that they will see him at the wedding.

Later, Clark, feeling like they are going nowhere together, speeds off to investigate by himself. Back in the dark room, the masked man is adjusting the machinery and talks about his marriage. He tells Chloe and Jimmy that he wished that someone would have done what he is doing to them to him in the past. He says that his wife lied to him over and over again. Chloe figures out that the man killed his wife.

The man asks Chloe if she ever cheated on Jimmy. She says no and the lie detector stays steady. He then asks if she is in love with anyone else. Jimmy still believes that Chloe is still in love with Clark and tells her not to answer the man. The man then briefly shocks Jimmy and tells her to answer his question. She says she is only in love with Jimmy and the detector indicates that she is telling the truth.

The man pronounces them husband and wife then shoots them with a tranquilizer.
At Tess’s mansion, Ollie arrives to pick her up for a date. He is surprised by her when he enters as she tosses him a staff and attacks him. They fight as Tess asks for an explanation why he cheated on her with a restaurant hostess. He says that he was afraid of Tess as their battle leads them to both grabbing the same staff. They get close then kiss.

Later that night while Lois is getting into her car, she calls Clark and asks where he is. A car’s high beams shine and blind her. A masked man shoots a tranquilizer dart at her causing her to collapse. He loads her up into his car and tells her that her man will be joining her later.

Chloe and Jimmy wake up and find themselves in their apartment. They call the police and they arrive. Later, Clark shows up and asks if they have seen Lois. He tells them that Lois left a voicemail and hung up after saying that headlights were being shined on them. Chloe and Jimmy tell Clark that they experienced the same thing before being kidnapped. Clark asks them if they remember anything else and Chloe says that he said that the man spoke about a bond that will solidify the relationship between husband and wife.

Clark remembers the jewelery salesman saying the same thing and rushes off to the store. He uses his superhearing and senses that Lois is nearby. He breaks into the basement of the store and finds Lois strapped to a chair. Clark begins to free Lois but suddenly begins to feel weak. He is then knocked out by a pipe wielded by the masked man. Clark wakes ups and sees the man wearing a watch made out of kryptonite. Clark tells him that he knows who he is, so he takes off his mask to reveal that he is the jewelryclois-committed2 salesman. Lois asks if this is some sort of game. The salesman says that it is a test. He asks Lois if she ever cheated on Clark. She says no and the lie detector spikes. The man then shocks Clark. He then asks her if deep down does she love Clark. Clark begs Lois to tell the masked man the truth. The man is ready to press the button as Lois says that she does love him. Clark prepares himself to receive another shock, but the lie detector stays steady.

The man then gets close to Clark and asks him if he loves Lois. Clark headbutts the man, grabs his watch and tosses it down a grate. With his powers returned, he emits a heat ray from his eyes causing a water pipe to burst and fill the room with steam. He then frees himself and beats up the man. Afterwards, he frees Lois from her chair.

The next day, Lois watches a video of herself at Chloe’s engagement party. She regrets and apologizes for what she did and Chloe accepts. Jimmy walks in and Lois gives him a hug and welcomes him to the family. Chloe takes Jimmy to her office to talk to him about vacation ideas. Jimmy says hold on and that he has some secrets to tell her before they can proceed. He says that his parents aren’t coming to the wedding because he lied about who they are. Jimmy tells Chloe that his father is not an investment banker, but an alcoholic mechanic and that he never really knew his mother. Chloe says that she accepts and forgives him.

Back at Tess’s mansion, Ollie gets out of bed and finds her getting ready to go to work. He suggests that they should go on a date in Malibu and shows her a necklace that he bought for her. Tess closes it and says to save it just in case he wants to tip another hostess. She says that there was nothing romantic about last night and that it was purely physical. She goes off to work and tells him that he knows his way out.

clois21At the Daily Planet, Lois tries to quickly get into an elevator, but runs into Clark who asks her if she is trying to avoid him. She says no and explains that she is trying to buy a present for Chloe. They get into the elevator together and Clark says that he thought she was a good liar. She goes with his premise and adds that she slipped off the lie detector sensor during the jeweler’s questioning. Clark buys her story. Just before leaving the building, Lois tells Clark that he should be glad that he was not the one put to the test because everyone knows that he is a terrible liar.

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That was great, I love the way Clark and Lois worked together to save Chloe and Jimmy, i like to watch them in action. I like the scene when Clark and Lois at the jewelery store; it was totally funny and make me laugh. When they were being tested and the elevator scene, those were also awesome.
I don’t translate this post because I think it’s better to read in English and more being understood than the translation.


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